Welcome to my website!

Hi. I am Poolitzer.

About me

Main job

I am an electrician for automation technology and an active student of Information and Electrical Engineering (speak: Electronics).

Volunteer work

I am the community liaison/an active developer of the python-telegram-bot library as well as an active maintainer of the NewPipe website repository. I am a board member of NewPipe e.V.

I also help playtest games once in a while.

My GitHub profile is here, my Telegram channel here and my Steam Profile here.

I also have a YouTube channel, where I started uploading streams of me playing games. You can follow these streams on Twitch.

And if you'd like to support my open source development, you can buy me a coffee.

Oh, a planet?

This is the planet BR-54778.
This is the planet BR-54778. Press on it to learn its backstory.
Press here to get a full sized resolution of this image.

How to contact me

You can contact me via E-mail (use this domain and put mail@ or a funny alternative in front of it). If you want to encrypt it, my public key id is 0xab2e35f31d1a294d. The fingerprint is 4BA9 7D6C 6F7B 9CD4 DFF8 132B AB2E 35F3 1D1A 294D. You can also download it from here.

Alternatively, shoot me a message via Telegram: @Poolitzer.

Thanks for stepping by.


The CSS behind this page was copied from this website with the background colour change they mentioned, a big thanks to them for existing. I also implemented a dark mode based on the suggestions by @dotvhs.

The portrait above is Ken, from This Means Warp. You can unlock and play him!